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What to do after being kicked out of your house - 101

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A shout shook the frame of the house as it did every morning now, nothing out of the ordinary. Just Dad's early-morning scream of terror. Even the neighbors didn't care anymore. Before, they had called the police enough that they didn't answer back either. The Salivar family was simply ignored. Alarm clocks were over-rated anyways.
When the economy was going bad, the company in the Kanto region where we lived simply let my dad go, and this was the only place where he could find a job. Money was tight for Dad and I, but we survived. When the professor opened the doors to the labortory, though, my dad kicked me out of the house with the instructions to get a pokemon and become a trainer to earn money for the family. Otherwise I wouldn't get fed and still be kicked out.
I skipped out of the door of the apartment into the street feeling happier than usual, even when a car splashed water all over my jeans. The rain was refreshing and I started to search for the new building. It was proving hard to find, and I peeked into several alleyways trying to look for a sign. In one particularlly dingy alley, I sighted a soggy old paper box labeled "Take me." Looking inside, I was shocked to see an egg laying in there. I cradled the egg in my arms and walked out of the dirty alley.
Asking the the other people who were walking along didn't seem like a bad idea after all.

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