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It's time to revive this forum! If you are a member, please be as active as possible! Invite all of your friends! Recruits will earn you ribbons and shop points~!

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Players may earn awards for completing various challenges or accomplishing things first! Awards are small ribbons to be displayed on your profile! Awards can be kept or converted to money in your RP! (All awards not converted to money will remain with you even if you begin a new journey!)

When you receive an award, you will get a message such as:

Congratulations! You have (accomplishment here)! You've won an award to be displayed on your profile! Would you like to keep it or convert it to money?

Convert to Money Message

You have sold your award to the Pokémart and earned X Pokédollars!

Keep Message

You have decided to keep your award! It will be displayed on your profile!


After I give you the message, you can convert your award right then, or wait and convert it at any time later (just pm me and tell me which award to convert)

Pokédollar amounts vary depending on the award.

Good luck and good collecting!

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