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Samantha "Sam" Andrews

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Name: Samantha "Sam" Andrews
Appearance: Sam has long dark brown hair that falls in curls to below her shoulders. She has dark tanned skin and piercing green eyes. SHe usually wears a short sleeve shirt and a striped jacket that has thick blue and grey stripes on it. She wears ripped jeans and black and white plaid Vans.
Personality: Sam is a tomboy. She has always been her whole life. She loves to hang out with other guys, but she has a few friends that are girls. Sam is outgoing and appeals to most boys because they can relate to her, but the boys she meets, she is never interested in. She's adventurous and loves to have fun.
History: Sam was born into a moderate family in the Sinnoh Region. She lived in Jubilife City, but was never really interested in going to Pokémon school. Her father was a Frontier Brain after all. Her brother, Barry was a little too hyper, so she tried to stay away from him. Later though, her father got a new job in Auditoré to work as the Head of the Entire Auditoré Frontier. So, Sam decided that because it was a new place that it was time to start a new journey. But, she had always loved her sister, and decided they could start the journey together.

Career: Trainer

Pokémon: Pegipegi
Name: Pegipegi
Nickname: Wave
Ability: Torrent
Type: Water
Level: 5
Moves: Pound, Growl

Pokéballs: 5 Pokéballs
Healing Items:
TM's & HM's:
Key Items: Region Map, Running Shoes, Pokédex

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