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Role Play Rules

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Role Play Rules

1. No godmodding, being perfect, always winning, etc.
2. Mods control wether things such as a catch occur, or what effect your attack has on another Pokémon. (e.g. You say: "Tackle!" and your Pokémon rushes forward. The mod will post how the opposing player reacts, unless the other player is actually another user.)
3. You may choose one of the following when you begin your journey:
- A partner who has been with you before you decided to get a starter (at Lv. 5) (must be regional)
-An egg from the Professor that can hatch into any non-legendary, pre-evolution Pokémon!
4. No gory battles
5. You may travel with a partner. You two will use the same thread. If you want to join up with someone, one role player must send me the request, and I will ask whoever they request to be with if they would like to travel with you.

Please, have fun!


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