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Xavier Stone

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1Xavier Stone Empty Xavier Stone on Mon Jan 17, 2011 1:03 pm


Male Trainer
Male Trainer
Name: Xavier Stone
Appearance: He has grey hair, usually wears a black cape with a black fathered masquerade hat. He usually wears a tight black mask that covers up his mouth and nose, but not his navy blue colored eyes or his hair. he has a maroon long sleeved shirt under the cape with the golden sword logo on it and wears black pants, with silver blue boots and silver gloves with the same golden sword logo on them
Personality: He is very mysterious, but when he sees somebody in trouble, he and his Pokemon will help or protect them with their lives
History: He was born under royalty, as prince and heir to the throne of the Dynamo Kingdom. He was taken away and left to die at birth. but, if not for a little Flarda that dragged him to a cottage, he'd have died. Now he has a mission to be the League Champion, but to discover his past.

Career: Trainer

Name: Flarda
Nickname: None
Ability: Blaze
Type: Fire
Level: 5
Moves: Scratch, Growl

Pokéballs: 5 Pokéballs
Healing Items:
TM's & HM's:
Key Items: Region Map, Running Shoes, Pokédex

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2Xavier Stone Empty Re: Xavier Stone on Mon Jan 17, 2011 1:15 pm


You're good, just had to make minor alterations. You can begin in Auditoré Town.

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