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Battle Dojo Information

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The Battle Dojo

Battling at the Dojo

Battling at the Dojo is incredibly simple! You have two options for battling:

Battling Wild Pokémon

Here, you can battle Pokémon that were raised by our very own Breeders are the Battle Dojo!

  • When battling Wild Pokémon, it can be just about any Pokémon from all of Auditoré!
  • The Pokémon are always lower leveled than yours, so you only gain 1-2 levels for each one, depending on what level you are at.
  • The Pokémon you get are completely random, but will always be in your level range.
  • Every few Pokémon, you will get one that is higher than you and will be able to gain 1-3 levels.

Battling Trainers

Here, you can battle other Trainers at the Dojo in your city! (Yes, even other RP'ers)

  • You can gain 1-3 levels from one battle, depending on your opponent!
  • However, if you LOSE you are out of your current round in the Dojo

Gaining Entry

There is one Battle Dojo in EVERY city! You cannot enter the Battle Dojo while traveling between cities.

Battling Wild Pokémon
The fee for battling wild Pokémon is 20 Pokédollars

Battling Trainers
The fee for battling Trainers is 30 Pokédollars

If You Lose...

Battling Wild

If you lose while battling wild Pokémon, you can still continue on, but your opponents will start getting weaker with each loss.

Battling Trainers

If you lose while battling Trainers, you are out of the round and must exit the Dojo and re-enter.


You are healed after every 3 wild battles OR 2 Trainer Battles



You gain no money for winning against wild Pokémon. However, if you manage to beat 20 in a row, you will win a Rare Candy.

Trainer Battles

You will gain a small sum of money for beating trainers. If you manage to beat 15 in a row, you will win a Rare Candy.

We hope you enjoy your time at the Battle Dojo!

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