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Hazzard's information

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1Hazzard's information Empty Hazzard's information on Thu Jan 20, 2011 6:17 pm

Rankurusu In A Cup

Rankurusu In A Cup
TG Admin/Sensei/Trainer
TG Admin/Sensei/Trainer
Name: Hazzard
Appearance: Spiky white hair, pale skin, almost pure white eyes. Wears a cloak.
Personality: Erratic, energetic. However, he's a genius, and is very tricky when it comes to planning and battling.
History: He was once Riac's split personality, but Riac was abducted by Team Gamma, and Hazzard was split from Riac. Riac was sent down to Auditore town with no memory. and Hazzard was kept by Team Gamma.

Rank: Executive
Same Character, Split Personality or New Character: Split personality/New character

Pokémon: Geniaot level 13, Spectara level 14, Ghummy level 13

Name: Geniaot
Ability: Cloud Nine
Type: Ghost/Flying
Level: 13
Moves: Lick, Wrap, Night shade, Confuse ray

Name: Spectara
Ability: Levitate
Type: Ghost
Level: 14
Moves: Confuse ray, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Nightmare

Name: Ghummy
Ability: Mummy
Type: Ghost
Level: 13
Moves: Wrap, Dark Pulse, Shadow Sneak, Toxic

Items: Dusk stone, Spooky plate, Spell tag
Pokéballs: 5 Snag Balls
Key Items: Region Map, Flashlight

(Did I do this right?)

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2Hazzard's information Empty Re: Hazzard's information on Thu Jan 20, 2011 6:26 pm


Congratulations, Hazzard is a Team Gamma Executive! You are now part of Team Gamma

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