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"Demonica" Bauer

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Name: Angelina "Demonica 'Dem'" Bauer (A nickname for a nickname that opposes a name~)
Appearance: Dem has long, black hair with grey guaze wrapped around it. She wears a black full body suit with guaze wrapped around her left leg and right arm, and on both hands and feet. She also has guaze wrapped around her waste like a belt, trailing down to her knees. She has dull grey eyes without pupils.
Personality: Dem is merciless to all but her precious Ghummy. She pretty much hates everyone, and openly as well. If anything even threatens her Ghummy, they won't have time to regret it.
History: Dem used to be good, until she got her first Pokemon. It ran away the day after, and Dem tried to go after it. She lost it and herself, and for nights she cried herself to sleep. One night, a wild Ghummy heard her crying and went to comfort her. She fell asleep, thinking that when she woke it wouldn't be there. When she found the Pokemon snuggled next to her the next morning, she was happy for the first time in a while. She came across Team Gamma in it's earlier stages when they tried to steal her Pokemon. After mercilessly defeated three of their grunts, they adopted her into the team, eventually working her way up to the current rank she holds now.

Rank: (filled by me)
Same Character, Split Personality or New Character: New Character 'n' stuff

Name: Ghummy
Nickname: Ghums

Pokéballs: 5 Snag Balls
Key Items: Region Map, Flashlight

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