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Xat Quotes

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1Xat Quotes Empty Xat Quotes on Mon Jan 24, 2011 7:01 pm


Funny Xat moments~

How to:
1) Stumble upon a funny conversation/outburst.
2) Press "PrtSc" (Print Screen) on your keyboard. No, this will not print anything out, it will just copy what is on your monitor onto your clipboard.
3) Go on an image editing program; MSPaint will work. Paste your screen (yes, it will be very big) Select the area of the quote and copy. If it is a conversation and parts of it aren't on the xat window, go back to step 2 and use the scroll bar to capture different parts of the conversation. DO NOT paste the new part of the conversation on to what you just did, or you will have to start over. Instead, open it on a new window.
4) Paste the selected quotes into one window, ordering them as needed.
5) Save, upload, and paste here!

Xat Quotes Xat_qu10
I feel this is appropriate for the first xat quote here~

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