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Welcome to the Battle Frontier!

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Welcome to the Battle Frontier!

Entering the Frontier!

The Frontier can be accessed from ANY city in Auditore! Take the tram beneath each city to reach the Frontier!

Your Pokémon do NOT need to be high leveled!

Individual Zones

Each zone has various rules about how the Frontier works! Your Pokémon can be at any level, that does not matter.

OOC: Entering the Frontier

At any time in your RP you can just let me know you want to enter the frontier (like so). I will have your character find the entrance, and then when you arrive, you begin a thread here, and RP. Decide which Frontier you want to enter first, then head there. You move from frontier to frontier! You will gain various items and EXP points for beating various frontier trainers and the brain!

Don't worry, the levels of your Pokémon will not matter, as part of the time, you will be using facility Pokémon!

Leaving the Frontier

You can leave the Frontier at any time (as long as you are not in a facility)! However, your progress will NOT be saved.

There is however, one way to save your progress!

You can purchase two types of passes for the Frontier. There is a 'One-Time Ticket' and a 'All-Time Pass'. With the all time pass you can enter and re-enter for free with the same pass. You can also save your progress in the frontier if you have this pass. With the one-time ticket, you must re-buy a ticket each time you wish to enter the Facility, and your progress is not saved when you leave.

Good luck~

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