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Mari Andrews

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1Mari Andrews Empty Mari Andrews on Sun Jan 16, 2011 12:09 pm


Name: Marinda "Mari (muh-REE)" Andrews
Appearance: Mari has long, blonde pigtails tied up with white, limp bows and another around her waist. She wears a baby blue, short sundress with white stockings and blue-gray school girl shoes. On her dull gray eyes, she has petite glasses with a white frame.
Personality: Mari is extremely shy and fearful. She flinches at any sound she hears, no matter how small. It takes her a while to warm up to even the cutest Pokemon. Pokemon battles nearly scare her to death, and it's her least favorite part of contests. Her fear of Pokemon makes it difficult for her to train them. When she talks, she talks in a quiet voice, often stuttering.
History: Mari was born into a moderate family in the Sinnoh Region. She lived in Jubilife City, and went to Pokemon school; probably her least favorite thing, as it scared her to death. Her brother, Barry scared her with his hyperactivity, so she wasn't very close with him. Later though, her father got a new job in Auditoré to work as the Head of the Entire Auditoré Frontier. Her sister Sam asked Mari if she wanted to join her on a journey, and since Sam was the only person she felt comfortable around, she accepted. Not until she was out the door with her Teddiursa bag headed for the Professor's lab did she realize what she was getting herself into.

Career: Breeder [Parter: Sam Andrews]

Name: Laficloa
Nickname: Cloa
Ability: Overgrow
Type: Grass
Level: 5
Moves: Tackle, Growl

Pokéballs: 5 Pokéballs
Healing Items:
TM's & HM's:
Key Items: Region Map, Running Shoes, Pokédex

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